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MMR: It’s ALL or NOTHING! Say goodbye to choice.

MMR: It’s ALL or NOTHING! Say goodbye to choice.
By Allison Chapman
Posted Age of Autism

Your choice to work with your pediatrician on safer vaccine schedule has just received a very large blow. Merck and Co. has decided to take away your option of separating the MMR, instead of getting the whole shebang at once. Forget those who may be predisposed to not handling 3 viruses at once; you know the weak, the infant who may need a bit more time. What if they are unable to take one of the viruses due to allergy of an ingredient, but have decided to go ahead with one or both of the others? Well too bad, allergy or not you have lost your right to choose. It’s now, all or nothing. (HERE)

I’m shocked at such a move. Why on earth at a time when some Doctors are just barely beginning with work with their patient’s parents by creating a schedule per individual child, is Merck deciding to pull the plug? Is this something they believe will quiet the supposed anti-vaccine crowd? Quiet the MMR/Autism controversy? I highly doubt it. This is a mistake of monumental proportions that will likely come back to bite them as given only the choice of all or nothing, many more may choose nothing. So you can stop banging down our doors at that point because the blame will be in the mirror.

The vaccine court was set up for the purpose of when adverse reactions happen to some children, vaccines have always been known to have side effects for some, and vaccine court is there to compensate them when there is sufficient evidence. On Christmas Day I learned of a recent case in vaccine court just decided in favor of a child who developed seizure disorder and acute encephalopathy or the marked deterioration in neurologic development as a result of the MMR, his name is Ben Zeller. (HERE)Anyone watching Ben Zeller’s parents holding him, this beautiful child, without the ability to sit up or fend for himself at all, would be overwhelmed with compassion, those of us with injured children can feel the knife passing through us. Click HERE to watch video.

I remember clearly what it was like when my son CJ received the MMR. Ahead of all milestones necessary; talking, walking, imitating, pointing, smiling, etc., all early. He used to look right into my eyes as I rocked him to sleep and sang to him. His favorite song was “Take me out to the ball game”. He was walking by 10 months and not long after was trying to play every sport. He had a set of plastic golf clubs and would wake up every morning and expertly whack balls all around our small apartment as if he were Tiger Woods in training. He also used to like to sing “Who let the Dogs out, who….who….who…”

Then at 15 months we went in for the MMR. I remember him not sleeping at all that night, crying and waking up with the most toxic smelling diaper. I also remembered when 48 hours later he had a 105 degree temperature. I called the pediatrician’s office but thought that 48 hours later was too long to be a result of the MMR but asked the nurse anyway (turns out that fever up to 2 weeks later can be result of MMR per Merck). The pedi’s office said no, it’s probably not a reaction, maybe he’s just getting a virus. Well 3 days after that we still had no sleep, still had toxic diapers that didn’t seem to stop and I lifted up his shirt to see a rash all over his midsection and beyond. I called again and thought maybe it was roseola, they said maybe. Very few answers, just many coincidences. He started staring episodes which later realized were most likely absence seizures, started leveling off development and “Who let the dogs out, who…who….who...” became only “who…who….who…” As if he no longer had the energy to say the whole thing. At 18 months we discussed some of the changes but his gross motor skills were still really good so we gave him his 18month shots. He immediately stopped calling me “Mommy”, stopped wanting to be in the same room as my husband and stopped following his sister around. He had on and off days but everything was steadily leaving and by 2 he was gone completely into the world of autism.

Do I believe the MMR alone is to blame? Or do I believe it was the thimerosal containing vaccines at 18 months alone? No, but they were both triggers, both involved absolutely in the decline of my son’s health. My children all reacted to vaccines in a way they should not have. I absolutely believe in predisposition, other toxic insults, all combining in a way to wreak havoc on a little body not equipped to handle them. There are too many too soon for some. I should be anti-vaccine from what I’ve been through but I instead believe in an individual’s right to informed choice. Their right to choose their own medical procedures designed around each child. I am not a fan of the “horde”, as I’m often confronted with those who believe I should take my lumps because it’s better for the “horde” and too bad for you if your children couldn’t handle it. I happen to think each child is worth more than that. Slower, less invasive schedules may have been the best decision for some, but no longer is it an option with the MMR.

I guess Merck believes you don’t need the choice, or that you aren’t responsible enough to have the choice. I don’t know which one is worse. If you would like to call Merck and Company to demand they correct this huge error in judgment their contact info is below. It says right on their website, “Where patients come first” we should make them prove it.

Merck & Co., Inc. Global Headquarters
Merck & Co., Inc.
One Merck Drive
P.O. Box 100
Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889-0100 USA
Phone: 908-423-1000Monday-Friday 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM ET

Allison Chapman is mom to three children and a member of the Autism Action Network.


Anonymous said...

Everyone should contact the director of corporate responsibility at Merck.

Her name is Maggie Kohn:

Benjamin Zeller said...

Dear Parents, Family and Friends,

Please watch our story about *Vaccine in children causing Brain Damage* Warning to all parents. NBC news story with Benjamin Zeller & Dr. Andrew Moulden. Physicians and people in America must be aware how to measure adverse reactions to vaccines. We are dedicated to provide measures and evidence for people to make the right choice. We the people must spread the truth about vaccinations causing impaired blood flow in the brain resulting in brain damage. We must stand up and protect our infants, children’s and adults in America and abroad. Educate before you vaccinate. Once our nation recognizes the problem only then we will bring the solution.

Please email news story to family and friends.


With Honors,
Benjamin Zeller

Click on link below to watch video.


BOCA RATON, FL -- Boca Raton father, Ben Zeller, says his son, Ben, Jr., was a normal 11-month-old when he received the Measles, Mump and Rubella shot in November of 2004.

Within days, he had a complete febral seizure.

"This was a reaction to the MMR shot, there is no doubt in my mind," Zeller said.

Zeller was one of the first to prove his case in the Federal Vaccine Court. Last July, the court ruled his son would not have experienced the seizure if it weren't for the MMR vaccine.

"We have thousands of cases and we can show all vaccines are causing the exact same problem," said Dr. Andrew Moulden, a Canadian physician gathering evidence to support a class action lawsuit.

Moulden is spending the next week in South Florida interviewing families like the Zeller's.

"To stop this from going on, we have to go to the courts," Moulden said. "They won't stop doing this until we hold them fiscally responsible."

Moulden has gathered more than five thousand images of children's faces taken before and after the MMR vaccine to help prove his case.

The photos highlight children's eyes turning in and out as well as the corner of their mouth dropping.

"These are classic signs of a stroke and clearly a direct result of vaccines," Moulden said.

Still, many doctors and Health Departments say shots are not only safe but needed.

"It prevents death and disability from 14 childhood diseases so it is very important to give vaccines to keep kids healthy," said Deborah Hogan with the Florida Department of Health.

Moulden disagrees and says the proof is in the pictures.

"It's time for them to listen," he said.

Dr. Moulden is asking all families who believe their child may have had an adverse reaction to the vaccine to send him pictures before and after.

You can click on the newslinks tab on the WPTV homepage for the link to Dr. Moulden's site.

Anonymous said...

My son just received MMR at 12 months.. The doctor, though completely aware of our desire to make informed decisions, did not even MENTION the word Autism when presenting my son's need for this vaccine. 8 days later, my son is feverish, won't eat, is walking off kilter, and has horrible diapers. I will never return to our pediatrician's office again without obtaining the recommended vaccine list and researching them online prior to our visit. I am glad you wrote about your experience, you helped open my eyes to being more active in my son's medical treatments.