Thursday, March 6, 2008

SB 1407 up for a vote

SB 1407, Senator Gumm's Thimerosal Reduction in Vaccines bill is scheduled for a vote next week. There has been a lot of pressure recently from doctors and out of state medical associations to stop the passage of a bill to reduce thimerosal in the vaccine supply.

Their arguments are that this bill would lead to greater shortages, thus causing more people not to be vaccinated. However, the major manufacturers of the flu vaccine state that with their new facilities opening up later this year, there will be more than 150 million injectable doses of flu vaccines. That is nearly double the current supply.

The bill's objective is to clean up the vaccine supply and remove the harmful toxins. A growing number of parents are now questioning the safety of the vaccine supply, especially with the recent news of the first case conceded by the federal government whereas vaccines contributed to autism.

In order to help build confidence in vaccine safety, the neurotoxins must be removed.

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