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Will the Press Respond? - Anne Dachel

Thursday, March 27, on the Huffington Post, journalist and author, David Kirby, presented his latest article, The Next Big Autism Bomb: Are 1 in 50 Kids Potentially At Risk?

It was also on Age of Autism, DAVID KIRBY: ARE 1 in 50 KIDS AT RISK?

In it, Kirby describes a recent conference call "between vaccine safety officials at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, several leading experts in vaccine safety research, and executives from America's Health Insurance Plans, (the HMO trade association) to discuss childhood mitochondrial dysfunction and its potential link to autism and vaccines."

It seems that the CDC has a great deal of interest in the results of the Hannah Poling case. David Kirby quoted unnamed officials and pointed out the seriousness of the issue:

"One person on the call (those interviewed for this article asked to remain anonymous) told me that, "the CDC people were informed, in no uncertain terms, that they need to look into this issue immediately, and do something about it." The clock is ticking, they were told, and if they don't respond, the information will be made public."


*Up to 1 in 50 children (2%) may have a genetic mutation that puts them at risk for mitochondrial dysfunction.

*Up to 20% of all children with autism may have an underlying mitochondrial dysfunction.

*Children with mitochondrial dysfunction are more likely to regress into autism between the ages 1 and 2 years, if they have fever or illness from viral infections or vaccines.

*The CDC is aware of this difficult situation and is taking measures immediately to address the current national vaccine schedule.

*The genetic susceptibility for mitochondrial dysfunction in autism is inherited through the father, not the mother, as previously thought, and is not rare at all.

*The DNA mutation might not be enough in itself to confer cellular dysfunction, and many doctors believe there is an environmental trigger as well.

*They note that thimerosal, mercury, aluminum, pollution, pesticides, medicines and prenatal alcohol exposure have all been shown to damage mitochondria.

*Other doctors believe that a corn-byproduct based diet in America has put children in a constant inflammatory state, thus making the DNA mutation more pathogenic.

While some children with mitochondrial dysfunction regress into autism following fever and illness from a viral infection; other kids, like Hannah Poling, clearly regress following a reaction to vaccines.

The exact percentage of people with vaccine induced autism is unknown. But even a 1% rate could mean 10,000 Americans with vaccine related autism, at a cost of many billions of dollars for lifetime care.

Some changes in the vaccine schedule will almost surely be made. The most difficult decision is how and when to vaccinate children with proven mitochondrial dysfunction.

This hot topic will be the subject of a daylong meeting of the HHS National Vaccine Advisory Committee's Vaccine Safety Working Group, in Washington, DC on April 11.

This is also a very hot topic in the autism community and I've watched today as the news has spread into everywhere. For many of us, it's more confirmation that the undeniable truth is finally coming out, regardless of what officials say publicly. The stories on the growing fears over vaccine safety are making more and more parents question the mandated schedule.

This issue isn't going away and as we are nearly at the start of "Autism Awareness Month," we'll be hearing lots more about it. These are just two websites showing how big this is on the Internet: AGE OF AUTISM and Clean Vaccines in Oklahoma,

Many of us are amazed at the failure of the mainstream press to treat this like the national health care issue that it is. The Poling case should have raised serious concerns over the years of denials from the CDC. The revelation that the CDC is discussing the impact of mitochonrial dysfunction and vaccines is worthy of front page coverage.

These are the burning questions in my mind:

---Is anyone going to ask the CDC to respond about the comments made on that conference call?

---Why are officials secretly discussing something that is in direct contradiction to the remarks make by Dr. Julie Gerberding concerning the Poling case?

---Is the CDC telling the public one thing but behind the scene, they are accepting the link connecting vaccines, mitochondrial dysfunction, and autism?

This news only serves to increase the already soaring loss of confidence in the vaccine program.

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